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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 11, 2011, 12:53 PM
I'm very excited to post something here, something I would consider my greatest work to date. It's part of a collection I started, and you can consider it Part One, although there is a prequel of sorts.

I can't post it just yet, as it needs proofreading, and I want to finish a few other parts before I release it. Also, there are some very dear friends of mine that I would like to share it with first.

I am unfortunately notorious for starting things and failing to finish them, but this idea has not left me for several months and I'm bubbling with words for it at the moment. As I explore the universe, different facets of peoples' personalities and backgrounds are revealed to me, much as they will be to you. I learn about my characters as I write them, and it's a wonderful feeling.

I'm not a very poetic writer. Flowing prose does not come easily to me, not does the urgent and dramatic flow some people have ready access to in their minds. It takes me time and a whole lot of dreaming to come up with stories, but the end product is often sweeter to me than the chocolate I'm eating now.

I take pride in my work, and my gallery reflects that by being quite empty. I do not post anything I'm not satisfied with. I have easily over 50+ documents, some finished, some left waiting. I have only ever revealed 15 stories (short or long) that I have been satisfied with.

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October 11, 2011